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When talking about WordPress, the best blogging platform, with bloggers who have already spent a few years writing, creating WordPress posts might sound trivial. The truth is that you can publish your first post very quickly. But if you want to do it the right way, there are things you should explore from the start.

You learned in last Article How to add new wordpress post using gutenberg editor , In this article, we are going to show you everything that’s available with the Classic Editor.

After go to the page to add a new post login > Dashboard > Click Posts > Add New. You will now see a screen to add a new post with the following features.

1. Title and Content Boxes

  1. The first thing that you will notice once you enter the page is the title and content boxes.
  2. On the sides, you will notice a visual and text editor option from where you can switch to each one.
  3. On the top you will see the text area, this is where you can add the post’s title.
  4. You will also see the URL area where most of the time, WordPress auto-generates the URL for you, but you can edit it anytime.
  5. The wide space under it is the area where you can write your new post.
  6. There are formatting options on the toolbar above the text pace which can easily use.
  7. On the footer of the editor, you can view your word count.

2. Adding Images or Media

To add media files to your posts you can click on the Add Media that is placed between the title and the content field. After clicking on it, the media uploader will appear in front of your screen.You can choose an existing image on your WordPress or you can upload a new one. 

3. Publishing and Saving Draft

After completing your post, you can view the post setting on the right-hand side of the content editor. There you will see the following options:

  1. The Save Draft button allows you to save your current unfinished work in the draft.
  2. The Preview button alongside it shows you the live preview of your post.
  3. Status shows you the current status of your post whether it is still in the draft or if you have already published it.
  4. You will see that you can password protect it or even stick it to the front page.

4. Categories and Tags

You can sort out all of your posts into specific categories and tags using the options in the meta boxes on the right-hand-side column.

5. Featured Image

You can use any images that you want to feature on your post using the set featured image button on the box below the categories and tags.

6. Screen Options

Most of the options are already checked by default, but you can change this anytime. Here you can edit the features like ExcerptsTrackbacks, Custom Fields as well as Slugs and Author options.

We hope this article helped you learn how to add a new post in WordPress like a pro. After going through this article, you will just need to start writing. After a few successfully created and published articles, you will be able to customize your working area, and you will be faster with each new post that you add.

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